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About Us

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”

 ― Plato

Music is more than just a combination of sounds and words; it gives meaning to the very fabric of life.  Music means more to us than anything. It can be an escape from life and a revelation of more emotion than anyone can handle. Music also has its roots in every culture and tradition on earth. Though you may react to soul, jazz or hip-hop, others may get more meaning out of gospel, alternative, house or country. Music has evolved with more sophisticated instruments to produce a mixture of beats like no other. However, its essence is still the same as it has always been.

Here, we understand one important thing, with the evolution of music, listening to music has also changed greatly. We can remember gathering together with a couple of friends to listen to a vinyl album of the greatest hits and then having long soulful conversations about what each song meant and what the artist was trying to convey. 

Now, music is available for everyone in every corner of the world with just one tap. Greatest hits are listened to over and over again with different variations of it by all sorts of artists.

At 4theloveofmusik, we are music lovers through and through. We live, breathe, and feel the music all around us. This was borne out of passion and extensive 20-year career in the music and entertainment industry, during which live shows and concert performances were a part of everyday life.

Because we love music, dance, art, and all expressions of passion, love, and emotions, we decided to create an avenue to inspire both the musician and the listener as well as create apparel with music lovers in mind.

While watching our goals, we also actively support music in every corner of the world. This is why we raise funds to provide music and dance education to people who may not have the opportunity to learn music. We donate 10% of our proceeds to music and dance education around the world.

We believe that we can all connect on an emotional level, 4theloveofmusik


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